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Winning Formula

Want More Sales and Increase Your Income?

Apply the system, and you will increase sales and your income, it is that simple.

Simply Selling has been proven to increase sales without having to discount and sacrifice profits. The system is easy to follow, plus you will learn;

  • When to walk away from prospects who are not in a position to 'buy' saves you time and frustration, but more importantly money. You can use the time saved to win even more sales.
  • To understand personality types, and know how to interact with them, this alone will increase sales success.
  • How to control a sales meeting and develop the know, like, and trust factor with your prospect, people buy from those they know, like, and trust.
  • The secrets to qualifying a prospect correctly, which will help to maximize your opportunity to win your prospects and avoid time wasters.
  • The winning formula to write and present your sales proposition, this combined with qualifying will massively increase your sales success.
  • The close will be the easiest step in the entire system.

Simply Selling is not shrouded in mystery, Simply Selling has demystified the art of selling giving you a formula that will lead you to sales success.

Follow the system and watch your sales soar.

About Us

Simply Selling is a sales training and development organization. Our objective is to de-mystify the sales process and help businesses and individuals achieve sales success.

Fred Steensma, Founder & Managing Director of Simply Selling International. Fred’s passion is firmly focused on helping salespeople and business owners maximise sales opportunities. With more than 30 years of experience in the Sales industry, Fred knows what he is doing, and he has the results to back him up.

As a Sales Mentor, Fred is well experienced in coaching sales teams and individuals to success.

Fred also has business management experience and business development experience, focusing on business growth, and helping a business to achieve More Sales within existing opportunities, plus increase Gross Profit per sale. The result for business owners and shareholders is greater returns on investment. GUARNTEED (Click Here - Guarantee Policy)

Your Options

We do not believe in a one-size-fits-all philosophy. Some people love completing an Online Training Program, while others want personal one-on-one training and help with system development, and others, require an in-house team training event. Whatever your preference, we have the solution for you, see below;

Option 1 - Online Training Program.

This option is the most cost-effective. The course is comprehensive providing the Selling System, and how to use the system. As part of the package, you can email Simply Selling to critique elements of the system when it has been applied to your business.

The investment (excluding sales tax if applicable) is only $49.95US For this option - Click Here

Option 2 - One-on-one Training Program

This option is for those who wish to enjoy personal interaction with the sales guru himself. Fred will personally interact with the system customization and sales training program. This process is comprehensive, the recipient will benefit by ensuring the system has been established and through practice, they are well versed in its use.

The investment (excluding sales tax if applicable) is only $2950.00 US For this option - Click Here

Option 3 - In-house Team Training Event

This is for organizations who would like to hold a sales team training event. The requirements (such as time frame for training, desired outcome, etc.) will be discussed with the organization, and then a comprehensive proposal will be provided.

For this option - Click Here

Need more proof the system works? Look at the written testimonials below

A Proven Sales System. The result of over 30 years sales experience. Developed from cold hard 'hands on' experience. Used around the world

We were very impressed with the quality, content and delivery of the program. Our sales force has commented how much they have learnt from the program as well as thoroughly enjoying the few days they spent on the course. The strategies and tools you recommended were spot on as results were evident very quickly with customers signing up within weeks. By tailoring the program to suit our company’s business processes, needs, people and products, we are now confident that the successes of the past months will be multiplied many times over.

We therefore have no hesitation in recommending your organization, to other business owners.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your help with our business. When contracting your help to improve our sales performance with the Simply Selling program I did not expect to see such a positive impact on our business as quickly as we have.

Simply Selling is an excellent sales system, we have as yet to implement the entire system but what we have implemented has provided us with excellent results and I am looking forward to even better sales results as we implement the entire sales process.

I have no hesitation in recommending your services to any business owner wishing to improve their sales performance or wanting to improve their business overall.

Once again, thank you for your help.

I recently took part in Better Business Group’s Simply Selling programme and after 30 years or so in the sales industry I thought that I knew it all but I found that the material is well organised, really appropriate and to the point and if the student reads the material thoroughly he will find many hidden diamonds to elevate his performance out of the ordinary.

The course material leads one from one step to the next logical step and if the “Simply Selling” formula is used as instructed will result in a sale. Great work Fred and keep it going!!!!!!

As a contractor with no prior sales experience I have been very grateful for the excellent training Fred has given me as it has helped me build my business. I found Fred is very generous with his time as he made himself available to discuss any issues as they arose so they don’t become problematic.

I would highly recommend Fred to any business wishing to develop a salesperson/team.

Thank you for the recent training sessions for Simply Selling. Before I attended your training I did not know why I was not winning more of my quotes and relied too heavily on my “gut feel” if my quoting and presentations were going well. Boy did you open up my eyes!

Since implementing your Simply Selling system I now have an easy to use, measurable sales process that has taken the pressure out of selling. In fact with my very first quote after the training the whole sales process went more like a conversation and my client did not feel pressured and the close was the easiest one I have ever done.

I cannot recommend your program highly enough for anyone who needs to quote to win business.

Thanks again,

You make it sound all very easy. That’s always a reflection of a real pro. You have certainly given myself and a lot of other consultants an excellent structure and formula to follow. I would say that the recent upturn in sales must be down to your training.

Thanks for all your help, I have certainly learnt a heap off you. When I first started to hear you I thought that it was impossible. How could I do that? But by applying all of your methods and sticking to them it does start to work. It works well enough for me now that I enjoy doing difficult qualifiers because I can get the prospect to come around and see the value of your product.

I am charging a lot more and pitching the client with the best product every time. As you say, if you stick to the basic rules and practice them each time it gets to be second nature.

I just wanted to say you have helped me enormously. Here are my recent figures. In total, I have contacted 51 business owners and had 30 qualifying appointments. From this I did 12 presentations and got 6 sales worth GBP12,465. I am very pleased with the actual result. My prices are also going up. Thanks Fred, having your support really helped.

I went on to a qualifying meeting today and for the first time, felt that I did it really, really well. I followed the script that you put forward and really followed the sales process that you've outlined in all the conference calls. I knew in the past that I was doing something wrong as I was not able to control the meetings. This was my 11th appointment, and the 1st one I feel I have done correctly. I wish I had followed the process more stringently before; but I guess sometimes you can only learn from making mistakes.

I just wanted to let you know that I really appreciate the support that you give to us "green" sales people and I think that you're a fantastic mentor and a great example of what a professional salesperson should be like.

Once again, thank you for "shining the light".

Best regards

A quick note to thank you for the massive generosity of your time and your knowledge over the past several months. I have deeply appreciated your clarity, orderliness and heartfulness. It got me started with my new business and will keep supporting me forever.

I was taken through the material contained in the Simply Selling Program a couple of years ago and my conversion rates increased from below 50% to in excess of 90%. However as time went by I have noticed that my conversion ratios had dropped. This was due to cutting corners. Fred took me through the Simply Selling Program and as Fred put it, I went back to basics with an immediate improvement in my conversion ratios. Any person looking to improve sales should seriously consider the Simply Selling Program.

I wish to express my thoughts regarding the simply selling program

I was very surprised as to how quickly I was able to learn the system, whilst I may not be as professional and it's delivery as I would like to be (just started to use the system) it has already provided excellent results, for I have presented two proposals and have achieved two sales.

You made my training on simply selling easy. I wasn't pressed in the manor the system was customised to our business.

The process you taught take me structure in my selling which was previously lacking. A step by step process also gave me a system to follow making selling a lot easier. The story aspect of the system definitely helps in creating the credibility and trust factory required for a successful sale.

The questioning system is excellence as it keeps me on track, but more importantly helps me to find the buying motives of my prospect and establish the 'Pain' (problems) my prospect is experiencing (in the field of work), from which I can proposed a solution.

Rose on presenting a proposal to a client our spot on as it keeps me in control. The rules, it followed correctly, naturally conclude with the easiest last step, which is closing the deal.

Fred, I have no hesitation in recommending the Simply Selling process to any person who is looking to improve their sales success.