The Simply Selling Step by Step system of selling is a proven system that increases sales success rations of those who apply the 2 elements of the system provided by Simply Selling International (2016) Limited.

The 2 elements are;

  1. The written/visual steps in the system.
  2. The process of using the system.

Guarantee - Online Purchases.

The purchaser will be eligible for a full refund via the same method of the original payment, unless otherwise agreed, should a purchaser not increase sales success ratios within 180 days starting after the 1 month training period, based on the following conditions.

  1. Provide a minimum of 4 months data of sales success ratios prior to the time of commencing the training program.
  2. Provide the sales success ratio for a minimum of 4 months within the 180 days (6 months) after the 1 month training period.
  3. Demonstrate the system has been applied in both the written/visual and the process of using the system.
  4. Claims are to be submitted within 30 days after the 180 day period.
  5. Provide proof of purchase.

Guarantee - for In-house Team Training Event.

We are happy to provide sales success guarantees for larger sales development and training projects. A guarantee will be discussed and provided based on the nature of the sales development and training project.


Simply Selling reserves the right to amend the terms from time to time, however, the terms that applied at the time of purchase will prevail.

Claim Process

Please email with your refund request. Please provide the following;

  1. A brief explanation for requesting a refund.
  2. Details regarding the purchase, including name, and receipt details (to identify you).
  3. Contact email address and phone number.

Effective Date: 1st day of March, 2024